Vladmir Dionysius Zarathustra (nihilistvlad) wrote in melbourne_indie,
Vladmir Dionysius Zarathustra

Looking for volunteers to run workshops at a DIY festival

I am looking for volunteers to run workshops and discussions at a DIY festival in Melbourne in May/June 2009. We hope to keep the costs for those attending to a minimum, however tutors are welcome to charge a materials fee for each workshop.

So far we have volunteers signed up for workshops in:
Sustainable gardening
Crochet your own hackey sack
Build your own computer/recycle and old one
Badge Making
and Zine Making
We are looking for many more...

Examples of other possible workshops/discussions might include:
How to fix your bike
Everything you need to know about dumpster diving
Homebrewing 101
Screen printing
How to make and design patterns
Make your own paper
how to make a straitjacket
Yummy Yummy! Recipe Exchange
How to Juggle and other amazing circus tricks
insert your own ideas here...

The benefits of volunteering are free entry to the event, the opportunity to have a table at a zine/craft/etc. fair part of the event for free, meeting new people that share your interest, feeling good and being made of pure awesome!

You do not need to be of high status, well renowned or hold some sort of medal in order to run a workshop.. all you need to do is have something that you are interested in and would like to share with others!

I look forward to hearing from you,

for more information come and join the community at:

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